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“I was so bored, that I made a speech using over 50 Linkin Park songs. I hope you guys find it interesting and insightful

This is a Public Service Announcement! We must move Foreward, From The Inside with our Hands Held High! As it seems there’s No Roads Left and it’s Easier To Run I want to remind you, that you are Not Alone. In Between The Radiance and the Shadow Of The Day you’ll find The Catalyst. What I’ve Done is simple. I’ve found Somewhere I Belong. I can be The Messenger but Nobody’s listening. In Pieces, I fall.. Numb.. One Step Closer to Lying From You. If you’re scared, then Don’t Stay. But, if you do depart, don’t come Crawling back either. Don’t forget, this road is not for the Faint of heart. It’s not for those who’ve Given Up. The Little Things Give You Away and it’s these very obvious Points Of Authority that make us Leave Out All The Rest. Burning In The Skies is the Wisdom, Justice and Love that we need. A complete Blackout. No More Sorrow. Bleed It Out so we may hear the screams. By Myself, I am nothing. But With You, I am many. So long, we’ve been Waiting For The End but I beg of you, Wake! Embrace your destiny! This is our New Divide! Anything standing in our way is but a Papercut for we, the Wretches & Kings! In it’s tranquility and it’s peace, this day is My December. In it’s love and grace, my Valentine’s Day. May we see life in an Iridescent manner, each from our own perspective. In The End, this Carousel of life, will only become Part Of Me. So, I urge you, Step Up. Let’s not be Forgotten. Where I find A Place For My Head, I’m sure you’ll find a Cure For The Itch. I hope you’re all as Dedicated as you seem. I know some of you are Sad, but we must face our Fear and go Across The Line. Our Drum Song will keep us strong. I do believe that finally, We Made It. This is our High Voltage revolution! Do not forget this Session, for it’s all we have left!”

by Pakkun



SOPA Actions

So we’ve all heard about SOPA, right? Simply said the United States Congress is trying to pass a Bill (New Law) that will take away everything we could learn from the internet for free… If you still do not know what I am talking about, take a look at this video:


There are many videos, articles, posts on the internet that you could read and find out more about it, but I still have the feeling that what we all – the people and the media, are doing is not enough. I have to say in advance that I am talking from my subjective point of view, expressing my own opinion.

For the past years the internet has been growing and so has piracy. Every person with a simple education would understand that this is how things work. You cannot let more and more people have access to one thing and expect that it will not to change.  I do agree with the fact that piracy is wrong (and it is illegal… duh!), but to be honest  even our parents have bought illegally copied vinyls and have listened to them at home, even our grandparents have taken whole sentences, whole pages from books and written them down word by word without changing anything. But.. wait! What about copyright? Nobody cared about that a while ago… According to SOPA I could not share knowledge with people who haven’t paid to the source I got my information from, cause it would be pretty much the same as me copying a CD and giving the copy to a friend of mine. Where is the difference? An example of something that all people have been doing their whole life long is borrowing books. If I borrow you my book and let you read it, should we both go to jail, because I gave it to you and you did not pay the author for reading it? At school we have all listened to songs while learning a foreign language or have watched a movie, etc, etc. So the teacher has been sharing something with us… with 20-30 people at the same time… Do all teachers have to go to jail for that?

I understand the point that SOPA is making, saying that creativity should be appreciated and that we should pay the musicians, artists, etc. for the songs, painting, movies… but I guess the modern artist, long before even starting their carrier, had been concerned of the fact that piracy exists and always has been existing. I think that we all see the lots of money that famous people a.k.a”stars” have. I would like to add that I have personally asked Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park) what he thinks about people downloading their music illegally and his has responded that if they like the music, they should listen to it and that it is actually not such a big deal after all… Other members of the band have said pretty much the same and I am sure that other artists’ opinion is not that different.

I think that it is time for SOPA to look at all the reactions and THINK!

They took down Megaupload already… what is next? Wikipedia? Google? Our E-mail addresses? The whole Internet?


I would love to hear your opinion! Thank you for reading!



P.S. Dan a.k.a Dragonlp reminded me of Mike’s quote: “Download that shit”

Dope: Man About Town (video)

Dope: Man About Town (video).

Amazing video, Mike Shinoda posted on his blog today. It just made me wanna share it. So, if anyone hasn’t seen this by far, watch it! It is totally worth it.

Linkin Park Merchandise

So, after the Brad chat on August 19th, 2011, Mike tweeted saying that he is going to record new things for the Linkin Park Radio and will be live streaming on the LPU chat at the same time. He spent over 1 and half hours on there and according to many comments afterwards this was the best chat, which totally made LPUX worth it for everyone. He gave about 15 people the opportunity to talk to him on the phone and I am happy to know 8 of them!

Here is a link to a script of:

Brad’s chat


And Mike’s chat


I am really happy to share that I was one of the people, who made it through and talked to Mike Shinoda.

Here is a short video of it:

So, guys, here is the deal. This is mainly addressed to women, but I think that if men have any ideas, they could share them as well. Me and Rhoda from London (whose idea the whole thing was) are collecting ideas to improve Linkin Park merchandise for women. As you may see on the video, Mike liked the idea (whoohoo)!

You can share ideas of what should be made as a comment on this post, send designs you have made to me at lpfemalemerch@gmail.com, or maybe even post links of companies that LP could work with (companies that selling necklaces and other jewelry, for example) with an explanation next to the link.

If you have no ideas, please tweet about this and post this wherever you want, so people who actually have been already thinking about this could use the opportunity.

Once Rhoda and I have a good collection, we would love to share it with Adam and we hope that he would then forward it to Mike. I promise you that in the end we will sure find a way to show Mike those things! You have my word!

There are many people who would say “I cannot chose which year was the best one, I’ve been here for so long!”. Well, I could not. I’ve been an LPUer since May, the 3rd 2011. I simply became an LPUer just now, because I turned 18 earlier this year and got my own credit card to pay for the membership. To be honest, for 3 months many amazing things have happened to me.

In the beginning I didn’t know anyone and couldn’t remember the names of everyone I talked to on chat, so I even had to write down who is who, so that I would not feel rude when people say hi to me and I do not know who I am talking to. Many people on LPU would say that I am really lucky, considering the fact that the second time I was on chat, I saw Mike there. He even drew Garfield on the whiteboard for us!

Another lucky thing is that I got confirmed for a M&G at a concert in Austira. I received the e-mail 5 days before the show, so I had to do my best to buy a ticket for the whole festival. I finally got lucky as I found a man in Germany who offered me a pass two days before the show. This was the moment when I realized that I really have awesome friends. They helped me organize everything and I got to the M&G. This was also my first Linkin Park concert ever! I met the people from the crew, met Hugo and Megumi, talked to them, then got to see the band. I was standing and couldn’t believe that I am even in the same room with all of them. I asked them questions, had fun asking Mike in person if he likes bacon and enjoyed every second I spent in there. In the end I even got to stay in the middle of the group photo where Chester was standing in front of me, Rob next to him and Mike on my left. As people say, it looks like a family photo, so I now always have something to keep the smile on my face. As me and the other LPUers got back to the fields of the festival, we simply sneaked in and got in front of the first wave breaker, so we fully enjoyed the show. This is the moment when two of my dreams became true – I went to a concert and met Linkin Park!

I could write so much in here, but I will skip some things and go over to the fact that I went to the LPU Summit in Hamburg as well. This was the best day of my life! I will try to keep the story short as I have already written 5 pages about it. I had a great time meeting LPUers in person, talking to them, sharing thoughts and being able to spend the whole time with people, who were as excited as me! I met Hugo again and this time also got to see Adam. Later I got the “On stage” tour. Me and some other people were nervous the whole time. We got up there, took photos with all instruments, a staff there explained us things about Rob’s drums, then we went on. We spent some time sitting and waiting there to see the band itself. Hugo and Maurice entertained us, gave us the opportunity to ask them whatever we want, made a little show-explanation about why we should take the artwork paper out of the CD box when we want to get it signed, etc. Before I got to Hamburg I drew a picture of every single of the band members and let them all sign their own picture during the M&G. I had fun showing them the drawings, for example Joe first started staring a it, then took his time and was signing for a long time! I had a little chit-chat with Chester and went to Mike then. He first asked me if I drew all the pictures myself and then said that they were good, what is now still a motivation for me. Then I had a little present for him. I asked about 10 people who are regularly on LPU chat to introduce themselves, to give a short feedback on the band and to add some pictures. We had funny pages such as 10 people wearing hoodies, like Mike in the beginning of The Catalyst video, sitting in a car. As I gave him the book and explained everything, Mike looked really excited. He said that “this is awesome” over 5 times and even poked Brad showing him one of the pages. He looked really happy and later as he got on chat with Phoenix people asked him about it and I heard that he said he has “never seen such a great thing”. Afterwards we all got to ask them questions and laughed a lot. In the end, they played The Messenger and then covered Adele’s Rolling In The Deep. There are many videos but nothing could be compared with what we heard there live. After the Summit I volunteered with some other people for MFR. We had an amazing time, people donated a lot. Since then I am trying to support MFR in different ways. As I was asking Hugo water if I can still buy one of the LPUX CDs, he didn’t want to sell me one, he gave it to me as a present. As I didn’t have a ticket to the show, because I had no money left, Hugo let all MFR volunteers go in and he didn’t just leave us in the concert hall, he brought us to the front where all the other LPUers have been waiting the whole time. Listening to my second Linkin Park concert together with my LPU family was an experience that I would never forget.

People would think that this is all but it is not. I couldn’t describe how many things happened to me in such a short period. I found so many people, who are now good friend of mine, we all care and help each other. Some people decided to send me LP/LPU things like giveaway, because they had 2 or more equal items and I had only 3 CDs in the beginning. People organized an Unofficial LPU Summit in London, which I couldn’t go to. Therefore they sent me a postcard with short messages. When it comes to things, which my parents would never support, I can always talk to the LPUers and find support and different opinion there. Thank you Linkin Park and LPUers for making my life better!

by Rossi a.k.a rvi / therosko

P.S. I was thinking about the fact that many things, which I would love to add, may happen after I write this and that I may want to add them, so… here we go. I have a reason to come back and edit the post. Today on (20th July European time) Mike decided to come from nowhere, unannounced on the LPU chat and record things for Linkin Park Radio. He announced it on twitter 5 minutes after Brad Delson left the chat. But this is not everything. Not only that 2 band members came on chat at the same day and made LPUX totally worth it and just unforgettable, but Mike also gave us (the fans) the possibility to talk to him on the phone, while he was in the studio recording. I first started trying to connect with him, but then gave up, until I heard my friend Harris talking to Mike. I was shocked, I tried over 20-30 times and in the end I WAS talking to Mike. This moment made not my day, it made my life. I shared Rhoda’s and partly my ideas to improve LP’s woman merch and he liked the idea, he was surprised and said he was looking forward to seeing designs from Rossi from LPU. I must say, I am lucky indeed, but Mike proved once again to me and to all the other happy LPUers, who I talked to even after this all happened to us, that if I really want something, there is always a way to get it! I am really happy to say that Mike is making so many lifes better by supporting us all and being there for his fans. Thank you, Mike!