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Hey, guys!

How are you? Working on some female merch items? ;)
If you really still do not know what I am talking about, please follow this link

Soooo here is the surprise I’ve promised to some of you!


I decided to do a contest!

Linkin Park Female Merchandise Items

What do you have to do?
Design an item that could be used for our Female Merchandise Project. This could be everything that a female could wear or use. (If you are not sure if your idea would be accepted, ask us in an e-mail)

When does it start/end?
From April 2nd until May 11th 2012

Who can enter?
Everybody! There is no age or sex restriction for this!

Are you allowed to submt more than one entry?
Yes! You can send us as many designs as you want. They will be viewed as separated entries.

How To Enter:

Send us an E-Mail at lpfemalemerch@gmail.com
Please make sure to put “Contest” as your subject line for the E-Mail.

Note: by submitting your art you agree that we are allowed to use your art under your name for the Female Merchandise Project. If the band likes your design and wants to use it, we will contact you right away with further information!

Winner will be chosen by:
Rhoda Adesanya, Sebastian Lippelt and Rositsa Ivanova


Papercut Enhanced CD

Iridescent UK Promotion CD

Sooo… Design away and show us what you got!



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Hey guys!

Great news!

Linkin Park announced that they are going to be headlining the Nova Rock Festival in Nickelsdorf, Austria. Since I have a guaranteed Meet & Greet with the band, I am going to use it for this show.

Here is the deal:

Remember I told you that sooner or later I am going to show ALL your designs for the Female Merch Project to the band? The time is coming very soon!

If you have no idea what I am talking about, set your brains to reading mode and check out one of my first blog posts:

For the rest of you, who know what the Female Merch Project is, please, continue reading…

Since Linkin Park has so many fans and getting the attention of any of the band members on the internet is ready hard, I decided to use a M&G to get to them! I am going to collect ALL your ideas and share them with the band the following way:

.) I am going to burn a CD with a presentation about our ideas and pictures of every single design.

.) I am going to make a little book with all the designs printed out with the name of the designer and if needed explanations.

.) We are going to chose some of the best designs, for example print them on t-shirts and give them to the band as samples.

If you haven’t sent Rhoda or me any design yet, but are willing to, please feel free to do it anytime until the middle of May 2012! If you have any ideas, but you do not think that you can draw them in any way or show us anything, write us an e-mail explaining your idea and we will let somebody draw it for you! If you are willing to draw pictures of others’ ideas, let us know! Any help is welcome!!!

Unfortunately, we will have to stick to only few samples, since it would be expensive for us to afford more. If you want to help us by making a sample and sending it to us, please let us know! We would be really thankful!

Last, but not least, if you have any ideas of improving the project, please share them with us!

Once again if you have no ideas, please tweet about this and post this wherever you want, so people who actually have been already thinking about this could use the opportunity.

Thank you all!!!


Here is once again the contact info you would need:

e-mail: lpfemalemerch@gmail.com


Rossi: https://www.facebook.com/roivanova

Rhoda: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=586722183


Rossi: http://www.twitter.com/therosko

Rhoda: http://www.twitter.com/RhodstA

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So we’ve all heard about SOPA, right? Simply said the United States Congress is trying to pass a Bill (New Law) that will take away everything we could learn from the internet for free… If you still do not know what I am talking about, take a look at this video:


There are many videos, articles, posts on the internet that you could read and find out more about it, but I still have the feeling that what we all – the people and the media, are doing is not enough. I have to say in advance that I am talking from my subjective point of view, expressing my own opinion.

For the past years the internet has been growing and so has piracy. Every person with a simple education would understand that this is how things work. You cannot let more and more people have access to one thing and expect that it will not to change.  I do agree with the fact that piracy is wrong (and it is illegal… duh!), but to be honest  even our parents have bought illegally copied vinyls and have listened to them at home, even our grandparents have taken whole sentences, whole pages from books and written them down word by word without changing anything. But.. wait! What about copyright? Nobody cared about that a while ago… According to SOPA I could not share knowledge with people who haven’t paid to the source I got my information from, cause it would be pretty much the same as me copying a CD and giving the copy to a friend of mine. Where is the difference? An example of something that all people have been doing their whole life long is borrowing books. If I borrow you my book and let you read it, should we both go to jail, because I gave it to you and you did not pay the author for reading it? At school we have all listened to songs while learning a foreign language or have watched a movie, etc, etc. So the teacher has been sharing something with us… with 20-30 people at the same time… Do all teachers have to go to jail for that?

I understand the point that SOPA is making, saying that creativity should be appreciated and that we should pay the musicians, artists, etc. for the songs, painting, movies… but I guess the modern artist, long before even starting their carrier, had been concerned of the fact that piracy exists and always has been existing. I think that we all see the lots of money that famous people a.k.a”stars” have. I would like to add that I have personally asked Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park) what he thinks about people downloading their music illegally and his has responded that if they like the music, they should listen to it and that it is actually not such a big deal after all… Other members of the band have said pretty much the same and I am sure that other artists’ opinion is not that different.

I think that it is time for SOPA to look at all the reactions and THINK!

They took down Megaupload already… what is next? Wikipedia? Google? Our E-mail addresses? The whole Internet?


I would love to hear your opinion! Thank you for reading!



P.S. Dan a.k.a Dragonlp reminded me of Mike’s quote: “Download that shit”

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